Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Midnight Blogger

Greetings Friends,

As the clock struck midnight, I remembered that I never got around to my usual Monday post. I think I'm sort of OCD when it comes to the Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, but not enough to care that much. What I've been obsessing over, rather, since I posed about American Idol last Friday, is how old some of my favourite performers are. I remember honing in on the classic rockers in the early 80s who were all turning 40, and I remembered that John Lennon, had he lived, would have turned 70 in 2010. I'm not trying to be morbid about the ages of our favourite musicians, but in light of Steven Tyler's perceived inappropriateness, I started wondering just how old some of these "alter cocker" (that's Yiddish for OLD!) rockers actually are. 

So, here's another one of my lists:

Gregg Allman (pictured above): 63

Sir Elton John: 63

Eric Clapton: 65

Roger Daltrey: 66

Pete Townshend: 65

Mick Jagger: 67

Keith Richards: 67

Sir Paul McCartney: 68

Robert Plant: 62

Jimmy Page: 67

Steven Tyler: 62

Joe Perry: 60

Don Henley: 63

Glenn Frey: 62

Stevie Nicks: 62

OK, I'm stopping. As old as I feel, I can just imagine how old the people on my list feel. They're all, on average, 20 years older than I am. Most of them don't look like your typical 60-somethings, and for that, I applaud them. I also think heroin might be some sort of magic youth elixir, but I would never try it, or advocate its use. Whatever it is, I think feeling young must have a lot to do with it. Maybe that's something I should try. One thing I really do hate obsessing over is age.


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