Friday, August 20, 2010

What a Twit

Greetings Friends,

I won't even bother apologizing for repeating this, but you can't make this stuff up.

Dr. Frank Ryan, M.D. was a well known Hollywood plastic surgeon who recently gained notoriety for performing 10 concurrent plastic surgery procedures on Heidi Montag (late of the MTV reality show, The Hills), transforming her from a stunning blonde, into a Barbie doll-doppelganger. Well, now the man famous for giving her watermelon-freak show breasts and a cast-iron chin, is dead. He was 50, so maybe you're thinking, heart attack? Alas, he drove his car off a cliff on the Pacific Coast Highway while he was Twittering about his dog. Ironically, the dog was with him in the car, and survived.

In addition to his reputation as a top-flight plastic surgeon, Dr. Ryan was apparently quite the philanthropist. He gave generously of his time and resources to his eponymous foundation, and had quite a roster of celebrity friends (some of them patients as well). So, what made this guy take leave of his senses and start Twittering while driving? And on the Pacific Coast Highway of all places? I've driven part of the PCH in northern California, and I know first hand that disaster is imminent if you're not giving that road your complete attention. I'm sure the same holds true in southern California. The investigation into his crash is ongoing as I write this, so who knows? Maybe he did have a massive coronary behind the wheel and the press is doing their usual bang-up job (pardon the pun) of maligning yet another poor schmuck who apparently couldn't control the urge to drive and Tweet. Not to sound maudlin, but I would be less angry if Dr. Ryan really did have a heart attack, rather than having to add him to the list of morons who do stupid things behind the wheels of cars. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, at least his legacy isn't one of a plastic surgeon who literally butchered his patients. If looking like a Barbie doll was your wish, Dr. Frank Ryan was your fairy godfather.

Have a great weekend.



  1. First of all, I love the word "twit." It doesn't get used nearly often enough. Second, I am fairly certain that a crunchy granola-eating, image-obsessed physician (note the highlights in the hair of a 50- YEAR-OLD MAN) would not be in the physical state that would lead me to believe he died of a sudden coronary. No, I think I might have to subscribe to the general consensus on this one. Due to his hubris in assuming the Twitter public was hanging on his every word, he needed to tweet so badly that he drove himself and his poor dog over a cliff. Sad, but just punishment for the ruin that is Heidi Montag. I am just glad the dog survived.

  2. I've been partial to "mook" lately, but hey, "twit" certainly fits here!

    Heart disease is "the silent killer", and despite all his granola-eating, there could have been something brewing that went undetected. I will still reserve judgment while waiting for the coroner's report. If he was healthy, then he'll get both barrels.

    As for Heidi Montag, I have two words for you: Jocelyn Wildenstein. Do a Google search for images of her and see what you get.

    I, too am glad the dog survived.