Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sweet & Salty

Greetings Friends,

Lately, I've been on a sweet and salty kick that I believe has turned into an obsession.

I've always loved the pairing of something sweet with something savoury; or salty. It depends on the combination. The offer of a last meal before my execution would probably be a tuna fish sandwich, a bag of potato chips and a glass of chocolate milk. If possible, my choice of bread would be a cinnamon raisin bagel. Mind you, I would make this request only if a Peter Luger steak was not an option.

My friends over at Perfume Posse are sybarites; not only do they love their fragrances, they are major aficionados of many things - including chocolate. Well, especially chocolate. I believe it has to do with heightened sensory perception. Reveling in gorgeous fragrances is not all that different from savouring fine wine, food, and chocolate. There are countless varieties with varying cocoa content as well as the addition of elements you'd never expect; like red chiles, sea salt and bacon. Yes, you read that correctly: bacon. Vosges makes a dark chocolate bar that contains applewood smoked bacon. I have yet to taste it, but I plan to. Isn't it true that everything is better with bacon?

For more pedestrian treat, try Subway's new Orchard Chicken Salad. It's similar to Waldorf chicken salad, but their version has apples and cranberries, and no nuts. It's positively dee-lish with lettuce, tomato, black and green olives and banana peppers.

Lindt's Fleur de Sel dark chocolate and Piment Rouge dark chocolate are sublime; and only about $3 a bar. I spotted a bar of the Vosges bacon chocolate at the very chi-chi McEwan food store here in Toronto for $10.99. Even though my friends and relatives think I'm totally off my rocker and will threaten to have me committed, I'm going back for a bar. And I don't think I'll share. Maybe my sweet/salty kick is a reflection of my personality; I can be sweet when I want to be, and salty when I want to be. I just gotta be me!


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