Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don't Blog Angry

Greetings Friends,

If it wasn't for all the online surfing I do, I sometimes think I'd have nothing to write about. How lame is that? At least give me credit for choosing relevant topics like celebrity milkshake-making and defunct, 20 year-old cartoons. I'm working my ass off to keep it interesting. Or maybe I'm not; I at least want my posts to appear interesting, instead of sounding like some of the bitter, angry, dirty laundry-airing I've run across lately.

The Internet has become the place to air your grievances. Instead of gossiping with your girlfriends or colleagues around the proverbial water cooler, the new water cooler is the Internet. That's why there is literally nowhere to hide if someone's got some dirt on you:

     Caught the boss getting some nookie on top of his desk? Snap a pic with your cell phone camera.
     Caught the transit clerk napping in the token booth? Snap a pic and alert the media.

     Broke up with your significant other? Take to your blog and rip that bastard a new one.

OK, the first two are deserving of the "gotcha". The third one, I'd rather not know about. Really. What goes on in people's personal relationships is their business, not the world's. Especially if the relationship in question is between a public figure and her jilted lesbian lover. I won't mention names this time (I'm not angling to be the second coming of Perez Hilton; besides, pink hair would not be a good look for me), but she's a well known singer/musician who busted up a famous actor's marriage by pairing off with his wife and having a couple of kids with the help of another famous singer/musician, who was more than happy to provide his "essence".  Then, after that relationship ended, she hooked up with a Midwestern nobody, had a couple more kids, and now, their union is apparently kaput. So, what does "Midwestern nobody" do, now that her high profile relationship has hit the skids? Bitch on her blog, like countless other jilted individuals.

I'm not begrudging "Midwestern nobody's" right to take to the great electronic void and blubber about her broken heart. Who am I to judge another person's pain and suffering? It's just that I wish she would have thought about it first, before she put it all down for the masses to read. I've written hate letters, hate e-mails, paced around the house with the phone in my hand...9 times out of 10, I cool off and reconsider what the ramifications of that angry letter/e-mail/phone call would be. The one time I recently acted out in anger wasn't pretty. It taught me a very valuable lesson, but that doesn't mean I'll never do it again.

People, please don't blog angry. Read what you write at least 50 times before you hit that "Publish" button.

Coincidentally, "Midwestern nobody's" blog host is the same as mine, so I know she can go back and edit or delete whatever, whenever she wants. But, I have a feeling she won't. When you get jilted by a famous person, you want the world to know about it. It's all part of the game; the game I'm so glad I play no part in. I have no desire to be famous; I just want a certain segment of the population to know I'm a good writer and a good person. And, I'll never, ever blog angry.


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