Friday, July 9, 2010

Fish Story

Greetings Friends,

I realize the image above is less than appetizing, but the person whose feet you're gazing at is actually getting a pedicure courtesy of the dead skin-loving Garra Rufa fish. Yes, those little fishies actually suck the dead skin off your feet, supposedly giving you a pedicure better than the most indulgent spa can offer. Apparently, no amount of milk, honey, sea salt or paraffin wax can come close to the "Doctor" fish.

Ironically, the salon that started the "Doctor" fish craze in North America is in Alexandria Virgina, not far from where I lived for a few months last year. Had I known, I would have gladly submitted my feet for some fishy skin-sucking, since I was a big fan of getting regular pedicures in a former life. I've never been a big fan of feet in general, and my own are not my most favourite feature. When I was a kid, the two things I hated most were having my toenails cut, and when my mother refused to send me off to grade school without braiding or pig-tailing my hair, complete with cute little barrettes and colourful ribbons. When I revolted and insisted on a haircut, I remember her crying, watching as my long locks were lopped off by her hairdresser. As bad as that was, toenail cutting was sheer torture. But, when I finally succumbed to my first professional pedicure back in 1997, I was hooked.

Today, regular pedicures are more of a frivolous indulgence, rather than an absolute necessity. I'm sure not everyone will agree with that, but hey - you have to roll with the changes. Garra rufa fish were a well-kept secret in the Middle East for decades, before some industrious salon owner decided to bring them to these here parts to entice the masses. Even Diane Sawyer let the "Doctor" fish have at her feet on Good Morning America. She may not have the journalistic integrity she once did, but at least her feet are soft as a baby's bum. Once Kim Kardashian gives her official okey dokey, we'll all be gettin' squishy with the fishies. Honestly, I hope that day never comes.

If anyone has ever experienced one of these "fish pedicures" please feel free to comment. I'm about 80% sure I would consider having one, but I'm still 20% short of being absolutely sure. 

In the meantime, check out I wrote the copy, but the site is still in the midst of some major tweaking.

Enjoy your weekend.


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